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It’s not uncommon for a network to treat you like a long lost sibling when your mobile is up for renewal. Yet as soon as you sign on the dotted line, you are dropped ‘like a hot cake’ and left to fend for yourself on the end of a lengthy IVR and a call centre in never-never land. But while this can be frustrating, you know your business can’t function without mobile connectivity. The always-on culture of today’s business environment means mobiles are imperative, with smart workforces looking for ways to integrate their methods of communicating to ensure optimum performance.

Ultimately, business is no longer confined to the office but creating a mobile workforce is pointless unless you can control it effectively. Our MyAccount platform makes it easy for you to manage your mobile fleet, set usage caps and much more.

Our capabilities include:

  • Business contracts and tariffs
  • Handsets, hardware and accessories
  • Mobile device management (MDM)

Our mobile solutions are designed with your business in mind, and are supported by our UK-based operation centres. But perhaps most importantly, mobile is just part of the overall communications solution we are able to deliver to you. Daisy customers benefit from mobile being delivered as part of a wider solution as well as on its own.

To find out more about how Daisy Connect could help your business, call 0333 320 1130 or email connectenquiries@daisygroup.com

Why Daisy?
  • Impartial advice – we are one of the UK’s largest independent B2B mobile providers
  • Strong network relationships – unrivalled tariff packages from the most suitable carrier
  • Simplicity – combine multiple tariffs with separate networks on one monthly bill
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"The upgrade to our telecoms has significantly improved the way we interact with our patients. The ability to route patients through to the correct departments makes much more efficient use of staff time, and reduces frustration amongst those who previously struggled to reach us during peak times."


Alex McPhail, Office Manager at Ashwell Medical Centre

"We really liked the technology Daisy could offer us and the Vodafone network has proved to be very effective. The level of service delivery was very quick and our mobiles arrived with the SIM cards already inserted and username details included."


Richard Kelly, IT Operations Director at Acrington & Rossendale College

"The difference the leased line has made to the school has been nothing short of amazing. So much so that Bungay High School is about to become one of the first schools in Suffolk to move our entire infrastructure to the cloud."


Rick Hekkenberg, IT and Network Manager at Bungay High School

"The WiFi has been particularly well received by our visitors. I think free WiFi is now seen as more of an expectation than a luxury, and as some people spend the full day with us, I think it’s vital that we can provide them with free internet access."


Audrey Jones, Finance Manager at Rosslyn Chapel

"I had no idea what a hosted VoIP telephone system was prior to speaking to Daisy. But our account manager was really helpful and explained it so simply that the cost benefits were soon very clear."


Simona Tocco, Facilities and Building Manager at The Handel House Trust

"From a productivity standpoint you can be anywhere and that’s the key – it doesn’t matter where you are, you don’t have to stop making decisions and you don’t have to stop making things happen effectively. It makes meetings meaningful and useful."


Andy Pettigrew, Executive Director at Pertemps People Development Group

"We were pleased with the standard of service we had been receiving from Daisy as part of our maintenance contract and the company’s overall approach so we decided to leave our previous supplier and move all of our telecoms to Daisy."


Major Alf MBE, CEO of Norfolk ACF

"Previously, we’ve used multiple suppliers for our on-going IT needs and it was a painstaking process to get competitive quotes with quick turnaround times for both quote and delivery. Since working with Daisy, we’ve found they outperform other suppliers in both pricing and quality of service."


Albert Tsang, Chief Technology Officer at Dajon Data Management